Copying Files and Folders

Hello, In the past I used Karen's Replicator to keep files on my External Hard Drives up to date. This worked well until I installed Windows 10. Have now installed AOMEI Backupper Pro. However, so far I haven't managed to achieve what I hoped to. I just want to copy NEW files onto the External Hard Drives. In other words I need to replicate the computer's files and transfer them onto the Hard Drive.


  • Aomei has the ability to copy (synchronize) files and folders in real time, but this is IMHO a bad method for backup. It can easily overwrite your precious copy with a bad version since your destination would be the same as the origin. So if you accidently change the source the copy, the version before the change, is gone too.

    I think in most cases a backup, an incremental backup would be better because it preserves a file history.

  • Did you encounter any problem?

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