Scheduling Sets in Full plus incrementals

Hi everybody,

first of all thanks for having the opportunity to make suggestions for a really nice administrable software!

In former times we used StorageCraft an NetJapan als imaging- and backup-tools. There we had the option to choose a (as you call) schema, which allowed us to keep backup-sets (Full & incrementals) for an amount of x sets.

So in scheduling, i could setup a task, which made one full and several incrementals a week. For example: Make a full backup on monday morning an afterwards from tuesday to friday incrementals every n hours within a time windows from 08:00 am to 07:00 pm.. So I had an complete backup set of one week.

What the scheduler did, was to keep a maximum of for example 4 sets (4 weeks of full and incrementals) and delete the first set after completing the 5.

I know, with scheduling and schema you have another philosophy, as implemented in your software, but could it be possible to implement this feature in future?

Thanks a lot for your kind help!


  • We will consider this feature, thanks for your suggestion.

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