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Slow Windows 10 Image Deployment to Multiple Computers via AOMEI Image Deploy

I just tested AOMEI Image Deploy 1.0 to push 110gb Win10 image to 9 clients and took over 10hr. I used Aomei Backupper 4.0.4 to captured 2 images and stored in NAS and local drive. I deployed both images yesterday and took over 10hr. I was able to complete same tasks using Ghost Solution Suite 3.2 under 1hr 30 minutes using multicast and our gigabite switches have been configured to support multicast and IGMP. Do you have any suggestions to increase Aomei image deploy speed? How does Aomei Image Deploy Server and slient communicate over a network? 


  • AOMEI Image Deploy doesn't support multicast at present, so it will take more time.

  • Hi Admin,


    Thank for quickresponse. I send email to your technical support team but never got response. 

    I am interested in purchasing AOMEI Image Deploy Technician but need to be ableto provide technical service to my clients and deploy large number ofworkstations 50-850 per site. You listed the software can deploy image tounlimited computers simultaneously but not multicast so it is going to take toolong. Is there any walk around or future release to support multicast mode?


    I also noticed thatall clients and server must be in the same subnet both connected to thesame physical switch or VLAN. I tested Image Deploy on the sitewhere Cisco switches configured to be a trunk port to accept taggedpackets for multiple VLANs and none of the clients were able to talk to theserver. Is there any solution to push the clients on different subnet such as installingagent, setup range of IP address or active directly to push images from theserver? 


  • We replied your email on June 21, you didn't receive the response?

    We will try to support multicast mode in the future, but we don't have the exact time.

    Sorry, they must be in the same subnet.

  • Please talk to your development team to support multicast mode. Thanks!

  • We will consider your suggestion, thank you.

  • Any news on this topic?

    Being able to deploy images from a server on a different subnet would be fantastic.

    Even it it doesn't support multicast.

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