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Beginner Question About Scheduling Incremental and Full Backups

edited June 2017 in AOMEI Products Support

I want to set up scheduled backups as follows:
a) full backup weekly
b) incremental backup daily

I think i would need to set up both as separate scheduled backup jobs, is this correct?  And will the incrementals be based off of the latest (separately scheduled) full backup in that case?

(It appears that Backupper will let me just set up one scheduled daily incremental backup but in that case - and in the absence of a scheduled full backup - what is the daily incremental then based off of?  Would this just be off of a single full backup that Backupper makes the 1st time the scheduled incremental runs?)

Thank you!


  • It is not possible to set up two backup modes in one task at present.

  • Thank you.  So if i just have the one scheduled daily incremental backup, all of the incrementals are based off of the 1st (full) backup in that task? 

  • Incremental backup means backing up all changed data based on last backup (full backup or incremental backup).

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