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Can i make a bootable USB of AOMEI Partition asst.

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My problem is I cant lnstall win. 10 on computer HDD that I just formanted. It has MBR not GTP. I have no OS. so I was hoping to Boot AOMIE and wipe all the partitons and start again with GTP so win. 10 will install. This is an ACER 2 core computer.


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    Just insert your Win10 installation DVD or USB and boot from it.

    In the first or second screen of the installation setup press Shift+F10. This takes you to the command prompt. Type in Diskpart and hit Enter.

    Then give these commands:

    >list disk

    > select disk #   (# is the number of your MBR disk shown in list disk)

    > clean   (this erases all files and erases your MBR or GPT partitioning

    > convert gpt   (makes it GPT, I don't know if this is absolutely necessary or that the Windows installation makes it GPT by default on an UEFI machine)

    > exit


    And proceed with the installation.

  • Thanks I'll give it a go

  • Yes, you can make a bootable USB of AOMEI Partition Assistant, boot your computer from the USB and convert disk from MBR to GPT.

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