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Backup Management - NO Backup lists

Hi.  i'm having problems with identifying my backups.

1. Backed up both O/S and Data files using clone and partition backup to 2 different drives including scheduling on both my laptop and desktop PC.

2. Logs indicate all successful.

3. However when returning to Backup Management screen there is no listing of any of the backups.

4 This occurs on both laptop (windows 10 professional) and my desktop (Windows Vista Ultimate).

5 I refreshed screen and then tried to check image files but program cant find them. Tried restart but still no luck. Tried search for *.adi / *.afi but nothing found.

Would appreciate your advice/recommendations


  • Can you find the adi/afi files with windows explorer?

  • Hi Jg,

    I've carried out the backups again on my DESKTOP PC and they now appear on the backup management screen. I can also find the adi files using file explorer.

    However when I first carried out the intitial backups, the backups did show up on the backup management screen on both my laptop and desktop but then they disappeared the next time I opened Backupper.

    I am unable to find the adi files on the laptop using file explorer and so i'll have to carry out the backups again.

    I'm just a bit concerned that the fault might repeat itself once i've carried out the backups again.


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