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Is encrypted afi image in non-encrypt backup? Recover files when backup image corrupted?

I tried to backup a plain text file, and use a hex text software to view the backup image file, I cannot find my text content in the file. Is it the afi image file is encrypted even if I do not encrypt a backup (backup without password)? 

Why I do this because I very afraid my data lost. I think may be many people like me is not usually check the backup files is corrupt or not. People will check the backup files only when the main storage is failure or files gone. And I'm very afraid that when the files is gone but also the backup data is corrupted. 

So, for testing, I tried to backup files (no compression, no encryption), and make some changes/remove one byte) from the afi image files using hex text editing software to make it corrupt, then check how to recover the remain files from the corrupted image. But I never can check or explore or  restore any one file from corrupted image. It only say "Unable to get the backup information because the image file does not exist, or it cannot be accessed....".

I think Aomei is a very professional backup software, at least better than the Qnap official. I want to use Aomei to replace existing one to backup some millions of files, but at first I need to make sure that Aomei is reliable. I don't want to lost whole backup files while only missing one byte in the afi image. So, if the afi image(no compression, no encryption) is plain text or raw content, at least I can get back the files content, but i read the afi image and it is not. So, anyone can suggest a way to get back the rest of the files in such case?

I also searched in here and found some people having a corrupted image problem, I can see the staff is willing to solve problem, they ask the user to send them the image file to check. But my some case, the image files may be too large (some TBs).




imageBackup files.JPG


  • It seems like we can't open the first and third pictures(maybe they are too large), can you upload again?

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    these are afi backup image files that is corrupted by removing one byte of data, you can try it by rename and use in aomei. 

    i just want to know:

    1. Is afi image file encrypted when using non-encrypted method to backup?

    2. If yes, is there any method I can read the content without send you the file?

    3. If yes, is there anyway to backup using non-encrypted method?

    4. If no, how can I obtain the data from afi image file myself (using AOMEI program will show the error as "1.JPG")?

    5. How can I get back majority of files myself if only some bytes is removed/corrupted in afi image files?

    Thank you

  • Yes, the afi image is encrypted. If the image is corrupted, it is not able to get back the files.

  • Even corrupted one byte? and cannot restore any one files?

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