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Creating and Using WinPE, Boot USB Thumb

I'm a novice in the Backup area, so please keep it simple. I'm using Windows 7 Pro. I've tried to create a bootable thumb drive on a USB, 16G thumb drive, drive E: but I'm not sure if it worked or not. When I re-boot and press F12, to try to reboot from it I have several different options for reboot, three of which are USB (USB FD, USB HD and another one. When I choose any of these, the system starts ok but I think it's ignoring my choice and is starting from the normal HD. Is this normal, and if so how can I verify the operation of the new USB boot? Which one should I choose?


  • Not all USB thumb drives are suitable for booting. Try again making a bootable thumb but now with other software:  Create only the WinPE (or Linux, just for testing) ISO and create a bootable thumb with the Rufus program.


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