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HDD (500gb) with second partition clone to 125GB SSD

I have a 500GB HDD with 2 partitions.  C:\ and D:\

C:\ is 368 GB ... 25 GB used ... (containing a clean install of Win-7 PRO x64, and no data)

D:\  is 98 GB ... 1 GB used ... (data only)

Can I clone both drives onto a 125 GB SSD ?  How would I do that?

-  or should I save the data (D:\) onto another device, delete the D:\ partition then resize (reduce)  C:/  partition.

-  I have no experience of imaging so am not sure how to image C:\ onto another disk

So far I have successfully cloned a 250 GB HDD (C:\ and D:\) onto the 500 GB HDD

but now I want to clone just C:\ onto the 125GB SSD

I would appreciate any help , thank you :) 


  • edited June 2017

    Yes it should be possible since you only use 25+1 GB.

    You can do a disk clone and then edit the partitions before cloning, see this screen in the manual:


    You can also clone only the C: partition (making a 75 GB partition on the destination disk or something like that) and create the D: partition in disk management later and copy the content of the D: partition with the Windows explorer.

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