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Does PRO verify clones and images ?

I am new to AOMEI and looking to buy Professional.

Does AOMEI PRO verify clones and images ? 

-  one thread has an ADMIN post saying verification is planned, but I didn't take note of the post's date.

Is the trial edition PRO ... or a higher version ?

Can I clone a data drive or would I only image a data drive ?

I am new to Imaging/Cloning I havent done it before.. Recently my new Lenovo crashed inside 5 weeks old.

-  probablay my fault as I tried to uninstall Adobe Reader with Revouninstaller PRO and somehow I sabotaged Windows.

-  it cost me half of the value of the new Lenovo laptop to have the lappy checked out and re-install Windows.


  • We are not sure what does "verify clones and images" mean, can you say it in more details?

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    My applogies for not responding earlier.  My account preferences did not include email me when ...

    "notify me when people comment on my discussion"  ... was not enabled

    Verify ... check that the clone or image (destination) is the same as the source.

    eg,  some file copying programs not only "copy" from source to destination, but they also check that the copy in the destination is identical to the source using hash algorithms.

  • Sorry, our program doesn't have this feature at present.

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