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Moving and Resizing PreOS - Can I abort?

I started a move and resize operation yesterday and it appears that it will take several days to complete.  I need the server booted tomorrow.  Can I reboot it and abort the operation without losing data?  

Current status reads:  Total: 3 PCT, Current: 3 PCT, Status:20.  Can anyone tell me what these mean?  The Status is increasing 1 per hour.



  • Is the operation complete now? If not, can you upload a screenshot of it?

  • imageCapture.PNG

    Not done.  It looks like it has slowed down.  If the Status is the percentage of overall completion, then it will be days.  If one of the other numbers is the overall status, it'll be weeks.  :(

  • Yes, you can abort the operation.

  • Please confirm that the data will not be lost.

    Can you explain the information provided in the following line:

    Total:5 PCT, Current:5 PCT, Status:54


  • I'm assuming that power cycling is an acceptable means of aborting.  Just want to be sure there isn't some keystroke that would be better.


  • Well, after 4 days the Status was at about 60 and then it tossed an error suggesting that the drive was too fragmented to continue. Press any key to reboot.  :(  Disappointed that it didn't check the fragmentation earlier in the process.  4 days of productivity lost.

    On the positive side, to answer my own question, the data was intact after rebooting.

  • If the status is not moving data, you can cancel it without any problem.

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