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I have Aomei Backupper pro on one of my laptops which has 128 GB SSD (C drive) and 1 TB HDD (D drive). 

I do weeklly backups onto my D drive withou any problems.

My question is: I also have another laptop and a desktop which has only one HDD, if I install Aomei backupper free version on both machines, can I use System Backup and backup on the C drive?   Also would Restore work using this method?

or, do I have to backup onto the Recovery partition?  Whats the best method of using System Backup with only one HDD?



  • I would suggest you backup on an external (USB) drive. What if your internal HDD crashes and it has the backup on it? Then the backup is gone too. HDD's are very cheap nowadays.

    You can decrease your current C: and make a second partition to backup on, but then the crash problem isn't solved either. But it is at least better than backup C: on C:

  • Thanks JohnnyboyGo, I'll use my flash drives.


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    Flash drives? Aren't they very slow? Better use an external HDD connected through USB.

  • I'll buy myself a external hard drive.


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