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Error: Cannot Start Windows because **** file cannot be verified

When setting up OneKey pro, using an external drive as the backup drive, everything proceeded during the set up until the reboot sequence. Then I had a Windows (Win10) error message saying Windows couldn't be loaded because a file could not be verified. The message was there for a short time before the computer switched itself off, but I think it was something like AmBakdrv or similar. I switched on my computer again and this time it entered Windows, but the file creation process had stopped and I had to reopen the program and start again. This time it did not need to reboot, so it completed the backup, supposedly successfully but I am still worried that the missing (?) driver or file will make a difference. Can you help me?


  • Adding to my previous comment, every time I boot, windows gives me the same error. This time I wrote it down, and the unverified file is called ambakdrv.sys. I understand that this is because the file is unverified. I am very disappointed that, having bought this software, it interferes with my windows boot like this. Added to my problems, I tried to make a bootup DVD using Backupper, and it stalled at 99%, hung, and the program crashed. At this point I have created more problems than I have solved using Aomei products. Not happy!

  • Sorry for the inconvenience. Please try our test version: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxrpgRm4DF__V3gzZGhrQTFOOW8

  • We will release a new version to fix the driver issue, temporarily, please use the test version to see if the error persists.
  • Thank you. I will try that and see if it works better. Today I had to do a full System Restore! I tried to test drive the new bootable DVD that I created with OneKey, and after a very long time and several error messages, it finally went into Backupper. However, on returning to Windows 10, almost everything was crashing (even after a cold boot) so I had to perform a system restore. At this point, I feel like asking for a refund.

  • Did you make a system backup successfully? Why would it went into Backupper?

  • I have run OneKey once to create a backup onto an external drive. Since then almost everything has gone wrong with my computer. I am currently in contact with your support team and I need a refund. OneKey does not work as intended with my operating system and partition table. In answer to your question, the boot DVD eventually booted into Backupper, but I do not know WHY. I assumed that is what it was supposed to do. But I am way beyond that stage of trying, as I have been locked out of Windows twice since then. All I want now is a REFUND.

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