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beginner : steps to : back up complete system (including windows and programs) and make bootable usb

I have AOEMI standard.

Im a beginner : want to know steps to : 

I want back up my complete system (including windows and programs) and make bootable usb.

Also steps to restore my compele system in case of hard disk failure (using usb drive made from step 1).

Thanks a lot in advance.



  • 1. Click Backup-->System Backup, choose an external drive as destination and begin the backup.

    2. Click Utilities-->Create Bootable Media-->Windows PE-->USB Boot Device.

    3. If your hard drive fails, install a new drive, boot your computer from the bootable usb(enter BIOS, set the usb drive as first boot device).

    4. Click Restore-->Path, choose the backup image on external drive and begin the restoration.

  • Do I have to make the WinPE bootable medium on the same computer I want to use it on. Or is it universal?

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    You can make it on any compatible computer but....

    -You can not run on a 32 bit computer a WinPE made on 64 bit computer.

    -You can not run on a BIOS/Legacy/CSM computer a WinPE made on a UEFI computer.

    -You can not run on an UEFI computer a WinPE made on a BIOS computer unless you change the UEFI computer into legacy/CSM mode

    So the other computer must be compatible in bits and uefi/bios style. It is best to make the WinPE before you actually need it, on the same computer the backup is made.

    You can however always use the Linux Bootable media to restore a Windows PC.

  • @ JohnyboyGo. Thank you. Does it work the other way arround with 32 and 64 bit. So, can I use a WinPE bootable medium made on 32bit pc on a 64 bit PC?
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    Yes, a 64 bit computer can run 32 bit OS and 32 bit programs. No problemo.

    There a 4 types of Bootable CD/DVD:

    1. WinPE 32  (boots on 32 bit and 64 bit with Bios/Legacy/CSM)

    2. WinPE 64-Bios (boots on 64 bit Bios/Legacy/CSM)

    3. WinPE 64-UEFI (boots on 64 bit UEFI, there are no 32 bits UEFI computers)

    4. Linux 32 (boots on 32 and 64 bit Bios/Legacy/CSM, not UEFI)

    A (most?) UEFI computer can be converted to Legacy/CSM in the EFI firmware (and back). Since Windows 8 most new computers are UEFI based. Windows 7 and older are BIOS-based. 

  • I set up a File Backup with a weekly Incremental backup schedule.  After the first full backup, it seems to run full backup again in the following week rather than an incremental backup.  Is there a different setting I should do?

    Thank you

  • @skailup Are you sure it ran full backup? Can you upload some screenshots of your backup settings?

  • I have the same issue. The first backup is about 90 GB and the second a day later isimage about 80 GB. This is the full system partition. Attached are my settings. Any advice would be appreciated.


  • @stephanstricker We can't see the pictures clearly, can you re-upload?

  • @stephanstricker You tick the option "Make a full backup before performing backup scheme", so it will run full backup twice.

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