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Backupper 4.0.2 CD System restore fails to read ADI file, says "Not implemented"

edited March 2017 in AOMEI Products Support

Please reply ASAP, I am stuck.

Yesterday I used Backupper 4.0.2  in Windows 10 (build 1607, 64-bit) to create a new system backup to a USB 2.0 connected hard disk. The backup, and verification, completed with no errors reported.

Today, I tried to use a previously created 4.0.2 bootable CD to restore the system  backup I had created.  The CD boots, Backupper loads, and I choose Restore. Apparently the Backupper CD finds my copy of Backupper on the C: drive, because the backup I had created appears in the Task List, but it cannot find the image file. So I click Path and browse to the ADI file on the USB drive. But when I select it and click Open, a dialog box appears titled Open with this error message:

System Backup(3).adi

Not implemented

and an OK button. So I'm stuck.



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