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System versus disk backup

I know this topic has been addressed in the forums, the user manual, tutorials, etc., but I'd like to make a simple clarification and I want to be sure what I'm saying is correct.  Am I correct in summarizing the difference like this:

"A system backup is just a subset of a disk backup.".

By this I mean that if I do a disk backup on the drive containing my operating system, I get a backup of all partions on the disk, including the operating system, any data files on the disk, as well as the boot sectors.  Thus, if this drive fails, I can use this backup to restore my system onto a new, replacement disk drive, and restoring this backup will result in a bootable disk, as if the failure never happened.  Is this a correct assertion?


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    From my side: yes, you are right.
    The system backup does not backup additional partitions you might have. It backups only the boot and system partition. (depending on which operating system you back up)

    BTW the question was asked and answered multiple times already.

  • I was aware of the thread you mentioned, but didn't see anything there that summarized the issue like the one line conclusion that I posted in my message #0 above.

  • Yes, your assertion is correct.

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