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  • I have two backup plans - a) data partition backup and b) system backup.

    Both are configured with backup scheme - other backup scheme - which deletes the previous 7 backups.

    The plan A is scheduled to run at 3:00, the plan B at 4:00 AM. If its incremental and done within the one hour, everything runs fine, but when the plan A runs a full backup, which takes more then 1 hour, the Plan B is queued to run after the plan A finishes.

    The issue here is that the plan B is executed twice for no apparent reason.

  • I'm a noob here, but to me the easiest solution is to just schedule more time between plans. Like start one at 1am the other at 4am. That should allow plenty of time for plan A to complete. Then you won't have to worry about plan B running twice regardless of the cause.

  • Hi Flyer, that is not the point here. Its common practice that scheduled tasks of this type are queued in cases where they overlap. In here, its simply a bug in the queueing code which needs to be fixed.

  • I understand. You're right to want to point it out to them and get it fixed. I was just trying to suggest a temp work around.

  • @SelfMan, Sorry for the problem. 1, Please send us the whole log folder in the installation direcotry to [email protected] 2, Please also send the folder"AomeiBR" (C drive---programdata---AomeiBR) to us. Waiting for your reply, we will find the problem.

  • I have to wait for the next full backup round. Then I will send you the logs.

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