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Official name "Backuper"??

At system start AOMEI Backupper was doing a system backup, because I had scheduled it to do missed backups at that moment. I was very surprised that Windows called the program doing the backup "AOMEI Backuper"... notice: only ONE p! So there must be a file somewhere where the programmers mistakenly called it that way. Maybe in next version a little correction of the name of the program? :) It looks so silly... "Backuper"...

Happy new year btw... ! image


  • @renehoss Thanks for your feedback. We test but we do not get the information you get. Would you like to give us the screenshot? Thanks in advance.

  • edited January 2017

    I have made a picture of the screen during restart when Backupper is trying to do a missed scheduled backup (see attachment). A screenshot through Windows ("print screen") is impossible during that phase.

    I had previously setup Backupper that way to do a missed backup after system restart. However, I do not use that option anymore because unfortunately booting takes too much time that way.


  • Thank you vey much, we will solve it.

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