What format should destination drive be for win 8.1 pro GPT hard drive?

Hi all,

I'm new to Aomeitech software. I've been referred from Lenovo forums. I bought a 2nd hand laptop which never came with a onekey recovery system image. I tried using the Windows 8.1 Pro system backup to create one but when testing I had issue after issue. Hence why I'm here as they've recommended the use of Backupper.

I've reinstalled windows 8.1 pro on a GPT hard drive (Seagate sshd hybrid drive). I've updated windows fully, made appropriate setting changes and installed up to date drivers for all hardware. It has the following partitions:

300MB Recovery Partition, 100MB EFI System Partition, (C:) 465.25GB NTFS Boot, Page File, Crash Dump, Primary Partition

Q1) I only need to do one system image backup but before I do, can I clarify what format I need to make the destination USB flash drive (sandisk 32GB extreme USB 3.0). I've currently made it a GPT partition with the volume formatted as NTFS. Should this be OK for a successful system image created using Backupper?

Q2) I'll also use a USB flash drive for the boot disk. What format should I make this?

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    Format is not important. MBR or GPT, NTFS or FAT will all work as a backup destination drive as long as there is enough space and Windows can recognize it.

    If you restore in the future, the disk on which you restore should be te same, GPT or MBR as where you made the backup from. GPT in this case otherwise it cannot be booted.

    I advise to make a boot DVD instead a USB flash drive. Much cheaper and less problems. Anyway you can make a boot disk on another PC when you need it. Even a linux CD will work. It's only needed to start Aomei Backupper.

    The only thing that won't work is a 64-bit boot disk on a 32-bit machine.

  • Thanks for your reply. I'll play "safe" and keep with GPT and NTFS

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