System Backup/Restore VS Selecting Each Partition On C:\ Drive

Hello Everyone. AOMEI has been great, but I find myself a little confused about the best way to backup my main SSD hard drive, the C drive. Under Backup Options, you can choose to do a System Backup, which doesn't include the empty partitions. How important are the other partitions? For example, my drive has 4 partitions, but when I do a System Backup it only takes two - the parts with information. So I've been doing two backups, one a System Backup, and one where I select all of the partitions. Is the latter worth doing? Does it matter? I'm backing it up to an external hard drive. Many thanks.


  • If you do the system backup, it will just backup the partitions which are related with the system. So if you want to backup all the partitions in the disk, you need to do the disk backup.

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