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"Invalid File..." while trying to restore

edited September 2016 in AOMEI Products Support

I'm using windows 10, backed up using system image with Aomei backupper on to a usb drive, my system just crashed and now when I try to recover the backup, I get the message "Invalid file........" I tried booting with your iso disc but got the same message. So I have an .ADI file which I can't access. Can anyone suggest anything that might help? Many thanks


  • Sorry for that. Maybe the backup image is damaged for some reason. And you cannot restore it now. What is the backup you do? It is the incremental backup or full backup?

  • It is a full backup. Is there any way to decode the .ADI file so that I can retrieve some of the data from user files?

  • No, the only way is that if the backup image is small, you can share it to us, and we try to recover aome data. But maybe the backup image is damaged for some unkown reason.

    Sooooo sorry.

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