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No support for Logitech mouse and keyboard in AOMEI products

I have AOMEI Backupper Pro & AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro.

In Windows I have the latest versions installed BU version 3.5 and PA version 6.0.

Within my Windows 10 x64 system these programs function just OK... :)

However, when I create bootable media (USB stick or CD/DVD) with these programs (you need those in case your system won't boot!) BU and PA start, but... my keyboard and mouse (Logitech / setpoint drivers) are not recognized.

During creation of these bootable media I choose to install all availble drivers I have on my system, but somehow I am not able to get the mouse or keyboard being recognized so unfortunately these bootable media are useless to me.

I have older bootable media of both of these programs created with earlier versions (BU 3.1 and PA 5.6). if I boot from those everything works OK and mouse and keyboard are fully functioning.

In the history log of the programs on the website of AOMEI I read that some general purpose drivers are left out in the latest versions. So this can be the cause that I have no mouse or keyboard!

I wonder, isn't it possible to include these general purpose drivers again? Because I am sure more people are struggling with the fact that they have no mouse and keyboard support. And you can't have that just at the moment that you need rescue programs like BU or PA the most.

Or is there some simple way to include support for my Logitech mouse and keyboard?

Are there any settings for BIOS/UEFI that I need to look at, or take into account?

Thank you for any help.


  • Sorry for all of that. Please try to create the bootable USB gain with adding the USB driver manually. 


  • What source are the drivers being copyed from, the system or device folder.

  • Choose and add the “inf”file of that driver you need in your computer. This “inf” file is usuallylocated in this path (C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository)

    If you cannot find the “inf” file in the computer, you can download the suitable “inf” in the internet and then add it.

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