Backupper C Drive problem

 I am trying to create a Backup of my Windows 10 OS with Backupper and a USB Flash Drive. When  I open Backupper Step 1 is greyed out and there is a message 'Program does not find the system partition'.  When I go to another option which displays my Drives the C Drive is shown as empty --- it is in fact virtually full. 

In another forum some contributers have claimed that Backupper cannot handled Drives which are GPT / MBR Discs (this is not something I understand yet). But other contributors have said '"yes it does!" and provide screenshots to prove it. I have seen details on this website which says they are right.

I would include a screenshot here showing my 'empty' drive but I have not found how to insert the image which is on my desktop.. Neither Copy Paste nor Drag and Drop and I do not see how else to do it. 

Help would be greatly appreciated.


  • Insert images via the button image (#3) above the edit box. Tab local, add image.

    I did backup and restore from UEFI/GPT (most new Win8/10 PC's) and from BIOS/MBR (prior to Win8) . Both worked.

    What happens if you install backupper on your C: and run it from there? Not via an USB flash. You can backup without a problem on a running system, 

  • Hello Johnny thanks for your reply. However, you do not seem to be answering my question which is about Backupper not recognising my C drive in the first place. It did at one time and I succesfully created a bootable recovery drive.But now it says it does not find it. It cannot backup a drive it cannot detect. apart from wrongly showing it as empty.

    The USB drive I referred to is not where Backupper is installed, it is the intended target for the backup.

    I have reinstalled Backupper, the result is the same.

    I have been advised to use Macrum Reflect instead.

  • clayto  "When  I open Backupper Step 1 is greyed out and there is a message 'Program does not find the system partition'.  "

    For the question:Aomei Backupper cannotrecognize the disk.


    Running AOMEI Backupper under Windows

     1.Please make sure the drive is listed under Windows Disk Management.

    2. Please check the type of this drive.Backupper doesn’t support eMMC storage device.

    3. Please check whether or not the drive is4096 bytes per sector. You can install and run Partition Assistant:, then rightclick a partition on the drive--select Properties--File System Info to checkit.

      Backupper doesn’t support drives with 4096 bytes per sector.

    4. Please check whether or not you haveencrypted the drive. If so, please decrypt it. After completing the operation,you can encrypt it again.

    5. Please check whether or not the drive isa dynamic disk. Backupper doesn’t support backing dynamic disk by using DiskBackup.

     Please use System Backup or Partition Backupto back up it.

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