Hard drive Restoring problem

When i try to restore my back of personal data..(full backup of drive D)

It shows the error "the selected volume is too small. Required the size at least 146.52 GB" 

While the drive is empty with 146.48 GB 

plz help me quickly. The data i lost (backed up) is very important for me..

You can directly call me on my Mobile No. +919970920925


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    Can you explore the backup image via the utilities menu->Explore Image so you have access to your important data?

    I don't know if it is possible with a specialized partioning progam, it won't work with Diskmanagement of Windows itself, to decrease C: and increase D: a tiny bit so D: will be big enough for the restore to work. Try Aomeis own partition software.


  • Thanks Johnny,

    Actually, you can explore the image and copy the important data out.

    Second way is that, you need to find the bigger size disk and do the restore.

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