Suggestion: Easier way of naming backups

I have just started using Backupper but I don't know how to easily name the backups...

Currently the backups go into a folder called My File Backup and the backups are called My File Backup but I've no idea how to name them something more specific. Eg I would have expected if I only selected one folder for the backup to be the same name but possibly also with date & time stamp...

If someone know how to easily make the name specific then please let me know.

Cheers, Kyle.


  • Hi
    You can directly change the task name to what you need or the name can be easy recognize by yourself .image

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    I would suggest to incorperate the name of the computer in the default name of the backup profile: E.g.: System Backup(1) would become System Backup Toshiba-JB(1)

    If you explore images of other PC's all those profiles get shown in the Home screen, and if all are called System Backup(1) you don't know which one is which. Now I need to go to edit or locate and determine the location to know which is which.

    It would also be nice that an indication (Tooltip) would appear when hovering the mouse over a backup profile in this Home screen....

  • Johnny, we got it.

    Thanks for your suggestions.

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