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Minimize restore times from recovery media? USB 3 SSD?

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Using this link as a refference


I want to get restore speeds close to 100MB/s from a bootable USB 3.0 external SSD. But I can only top out at about 40MB/s

adding USB 3 drivers to the restore media doesnt seem have any effect either. Am I missing something?


  • I don't think you can get it better unless the drive is connected internally to the PC.

    It's even worse when I recover using a mechanical drive on a usb 3 port;  I dont get half the speed of the ssd.

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    The link given does not say 100 MB/sec, the only "100" figure is 100%. Anyway restore time is acceptable, be it 40MB/s or 100MB/s or 271MB/s as actually in the link given. Provided it boots after restore.

    But as usual: why does the medium that contains the image be bootable? That's a strange setup and it is probably what you miss. Perhaps measure with bootable medium CD or USB key, and image storage medium that expensive USB3 SSD.

    (The link given covers BIOS firmware and documents it marvelously and correctly. However, on UEFI firmware it was not tried, and a naive system restore will fail, by my experiments.)

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    We have no idea of that.Sorry,the speed is decided by many reason such as your computer environment and the restore image condition.If your disk is GPT,you need to use UEFI to boot.

  • So how is this restore speed possible? internal Sata only?


  • Using the same ssd internally (sata) and externally on a USB 3 port:

    111MB/s and 71 MB/s

    Same file was used for restore and the numbers read at 57%.

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    Im testing on a Dell E5250 (internal msata SSD) 

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