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How can I Stop the Conversion

I am using aomei ntfs to fat32 converter Pro edition 2.

On a WD 1.5tb External My Passport 2.5" Drive.

It Contains A Lot Of Movies, Probably about 1100 .

It is NTFS.

I am Converting to Fat32, When it started I took notice as there where 6 movies that where over 4gb and Ticked Ignore, because I am not worried about loosing 6 out of 1100 movies.

It has been Running now for 14hrs and up to only 10% Total Progress.

Change Cluster Size 73%.

The BACK, NEXT and CANCEL Buttons are Grayed Out.

I Started The Conversion Yesterday at About 1.30PM.

How much longer is this process going to take and How Do I STOP it.

It Looks Very Scary to me to Just Unplug the Drive or Try to Stop it with Task Manager, I am Worried that I may Completely Corrupt it and Loose All My Movies.

I want to Stop it because I think it would be a lot faster to simply copy the movies to my PC's HDD, Format the Drive to Fat32 and Copy them Back.

My O/S is Windows Pro x64.

Regards John

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