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baackupper system restore

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I tried restore a system Backup of partition C (Windows 8.1 Aomei Backupper 3.2) 

As I select the destination where restore partition (partition C, the same partition of  backup) I got following error 

"the number of primary partitions on this disk are too much. You can use Aomei Partition Assistant to convert one of

"primary partitions on this destination disk to logical partition and retry. 

I'm newbe, what I must do the get my disk "C" restored. I made the backup without any question and problem.      


  • Sorry for that.As you know the MBR disk just support 4 primary partitions or 3 primary partions and other logical partitions.

  • Thanks for reply.

    My OS has been corrupted and I had to use Aomei Bootable Disk.

    This one presents Aomei Backupper only and no chanche to use Aomei Partition Assistant

    Because I cannot access to Partition Assistant  It seems to me there is not any possibility to restore anything. 

  • Because that your OS was corrupted,you need to make bootable media by Aomei Partition Asistant:http://www.disk-partition.com/free-partition-manager.html.Then boot your system and change one of the partition to logical partition.

    Finally,use the Aomei Backupper to restore again.

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    I don't get that, excuse me. When there is a C: and one has to restore just C: there are enough partitions. There is no need to convert a partition to logical. When OS is corrupt it did not change the partitions. Otherwise,if partition layout is different now as it was at backup time, one might simply delete the bad partition and there is room.

    And managing partitions can be done from Utilities Windows Command Shell, diskpart (but not exactly easy).

    What was the date of system backup, were there many changes since in disk structure then? And Windows 8.1 is usually GPT and should not be MBR any more. What is the model of the computer, and was it an upgrade from Windows 7?

    Several photographs of the screen of the restore attempt would be helpful, including some that include the disk layout of the target disk, and the disk layout in the backup image.

  • I have been using the free version and was thinking about buying the paid version. I recently noticed that when I would restore a partition that it would not delete all the files in the old partition but restore the partition and still have files I downloaded since the last backup. If I used sector to sector restore would it make any difference? When I would click restore it would say it would delete the files in the old partition but didn't so what do you think is going on? Thanks.

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    Dear admin

    I suggest for next urgent release in Backupper, on every restore attempt a automatic compulsory log be created, that includes all relevant screen shots. The log may safely be written to the disk holding the image file, in both Windows and in WinPE modes (if it is a disk). The log be attached on the forum, e.g. as a zip attachment.

    Usually when there is a restore problem, at the same time the description is incomplete, as is here the case with issue of D. and issue of t, and in most other forum requests seen. Users with a real problem mostly also have problem reporting accurately what happens  (otherwise would be able to fix themselves if able to describe properly). We cry for screen shots every time, and don't get them.

    I suggest also to have a boot repair in Backuppper, including as appropriate the tools bootsect, bootrec and bcdboot. The tools are there in WinPE, need just be invoked, and proper instructions can be found with Google (unless from mainland....)

    I hope this contribution is useful.


  • Dear Dale,

    If you resotre your partiton backup image,it will overwritten the destination partition you restore.When you start the restore,you will get the inoframtion as the picture.


  • Dear Peter,

    Thank you again for your suggestions and for your understanding.

    Your advice is very good.

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