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Backupper Server for Hyper-V running machines?


I have a W2012 Server R2 machine running a Hyper-V W2008 R2 VM. I am currently running two backups; one from within W2008 and using the native backups tool from Microsoft. The other one, using AOMEI Backupper for Server from the W2012 to store some data files. I would like to simplify this schema mainly because the Windows tool does not provide encryption. My question is what is the best schema to do this?. Will the VM files cause problems if backupped when running?. I have tried a full disk backup using an incremental schema but it seems to make a full backup each time. This is running fine from a Desktop computer with Backupper pro and only changed files seem to be backupped. The W2008 machine files are arond 150GB so it does not explain the 560GB thar are being backupped each time, so the incremental schema seems to not be working fine...

Concluding, my questions are:

- Do open Hyper-V machines cause problems with backup when performed from the host machine?. Will I be able to recover the VM if something fails?. This is something I cannot completely check on my own and others experience will be welcome.

- Does incremental full disk backup cause this behaviour to other people? (not really incremental, but full all the time).

Thanks in advance,



  • The VMware will not cause any problem when you run backup from the host machine.

    As for the incremental backup problem,can you send us a screen shot of it's properties so we can check if it's the incremental backup?

    Finding the full backup which you do the incremental backup bases on.

    Clicking Advanced-Properties-View Logs to check the properties of the backup.

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