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Backup or record partition CONFIGURATION

I have a new Dell XPS 15 with Windows 8.1.  The partition setup is rather complex (8 basic partitons on a GPT drive).

What would really be nice: If restoring a full AOMEI DISK backup had the option to also restore the partition setup.

Since we don''t have that:  Are there any tools out there that WILL backup (and restore) a disk's partition setup?

If even that doesn't exist:  Is there a tool (besides a print-screen of the disk manager) that will save the detail to a file?


- Gil


  • When you restore your disk,it will restore the setup of your disk.

    If you have 8 basic partitions when you restore the disk the new disk also has 8 basic partitions.

  • Jeffegil, just make sure that you initialize the disk to GPT or MBR yourself, before doing disk restore.

    Otherwise I fully confirm admin's view, and I tried it on my virtual machines. Given your involved setup, it will be easy for you to try Restore on a virtual machine too. (and use BCDBoot to make the proper firmware boot menu entry. That also will be easy for you).

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