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Restoring Image a 400 Gig Aomei Image to 1TB drive created unallocated space?

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Why did I end up with a bootable 400gig C: partion with the rest of the 1 TB drive designated as unallocated space? Computer Management in Win 7 would not allow me to extend the C: partition to fill the entire drive. I formatted the un allocated space thus making a storage drive D:. Is there any way I could have extended the C: partition?


  • Can you send us the screenshot of the disk management?

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    There's probably hidden partitions, for example WinRE, not visible in Disk Management, but visible in AOMEI backupper (use Disk Backup, select source, and see all partitions, then do not proceed).

    Would also be visible in Partition Assistant, but AOMEI backupper is fine to see.

    You'r invited to post also a screen shot, taken with Snipping Tool, fo AOMEI backupper select source.

  • There was a win restore partition in the backup which is now between the C: and the new formatted partition I made from the unallocated space. I cannot provide a screenshot because the computer is back in my friend's possession.

  • You can use Aomei  Partition Assitant to allocate the free space of "D“ partition to "C" partition.

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