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Simple question: Can someone tell me

edited December 2015 in AOMEI Products Support

Why there is a big "DO NOT SCHEDULE"  button on the scheduling page?


  • in the current version of Backupper, Backupper 3.2 there seems to be no such button. There are buttons

    Maybe you run BAckupper fromathe WinPE Builder bootable media, which could contain an old version.

    Anyway, in any software DO NOT SCHEDULE would mean store the plan (for future use), but do not execute.

  • sorry, now I got the button.

    When one looks at the schedule of a existing task from Advanced->>Schedule Task, there is a View pane. Clicking OK schedules the task, Clicking Do Not Schedule does not schedule the task. That's completely regular, and indeed even fine.

  • hi

    I just click the cancel button in that instance, no need for the Do not schedule button at all.

    I think that is just confusing to be honest.


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