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Information Code:4105 Not enough memory to process this command.

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I am experiencing this error using scheduled backup with AOMEI Backupper Standard Edition 3.2

The backup is to an external HDD via USB and the drive has 300GB free disk space. My OS is Win10 Home 64-bit and my PC has 6GB of RAM. 

I have searched the forum and the web and am unable to find a clear understanding of this error. Can someone please point me in the right direction to resolve it? Thanks.


  • What happens if you manually force a full backup?

    Then an Increment, then try from the Task Scheduler.


  • Sorry for the inconvenience.

    May I ask the size of the data you backed up?

    And please send us a screenshot of the Physical Memory and the Kernel Memory of your computer.

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    Thanks for the quick responses and I have attached screencaps as requested. The full backup completed successfully with 154GB but the incremental backup errored out with the 4105 noted again. Please see attached and advise the resolution on this. 

    image4105 screencap incremental backup error.jpg

    imagescreencap backup files.jpg

    imagescreencap log screen.jpg

    imagescreencap msinfo32.jpg

    imagescreencap resource monitor memory.jpg

    imagescreencap system memory.jpg

    imageSystem screencap.jpg

  • We have checked the pictures and found the image files was wrong and it was not created by our software,the correct Image files should name as Rick File Backup,

    can you check again?

    And you can send us the log files of the day your operation failed under the installation directory of AOMEI Backupper so that we can better analyze.

    Thanks a lot for your cooperation and sorry for the inconvenience.

  • sorry about that, I chose the wrong folder. Here is the correct info.

    imagescreencap log file list.jpg


  • We have checked that and found you have done so many incremental backups so each time when the incremental backup task ran it would use large memory to finish the operation.

    So we suggest you to do a full backup and then base on the full backup to run the incremental backup again.

  • I have experienced that same issue after about 25 incremental backups. It seems the incrementals should run more than that before failing. I am getting tired of checking backups weekly to see if they are still running.
  • Kwbertram, this thread is from 9 years ago. Please create a new forum post for your issue, thank you.
  • @Kwbertram, Please email the support team to check your issue further.
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