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Partition Backups and Numbering

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I have 2 issues with Aomei Backupper.

1.  When I change the size of a partition on the same HDD - something I do not infrequently - but do not change the partition label, my scheduled partition backup fails saying it cannot find the partition and I have to delete the scheduled backup task and re-eter it.  But the backup itself has not changed, I am still backing up the same logical partition on the same HDD as before!  I have not had this problem with previous backup software used since the days of Windows 97 and before.  I should not have to delete and re-schedule a backup task because I have changed the partition size of a logical partition on the same HDD.

2.  The above problem leads to the second.  Because I have to delete and re-schedule the backup as above, the backup adi file reverts back to "no number", then 1, 2, etc for subsequent weekly scheduled backups.  I backup around 8 logical partitions once a week.  I want the backup numbers on all of these adi backups to be the same on the same day.  But because of the issue (1) above, some backups will be at say number 12 and now others with be blank or a different number.  And so it goes on!  This then gets very confusing.  Yes, I can manually change the number on the adi file, but at the next scheduled backup my manually changed backup number is ignored by Aomei Backupper and the backup number is +1 on the number Aomei gave on the last backup for this partition.  So I am now left with backup numbers all over the place for different partition backups on the same day.

While I accept because of the way you do backups, (1) above may be the more difficult to correct, please can we have a facility to automatically number the Backupper adi files to our choosing.  Then I can at least have all my logical partition backups today labelled with the same number.



  • Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Can you send us a screenshot of the backup list so that we can find out the problem.

  • Here is the example you requested.  I have only shown 4 partitions in the image to keep the overall picture  straightforward and I have copied the files to one folder instead of the separate folders I have for each partition, again for ease of seeing the overall picture.  In fact I do copy the images to a backup unit and they are all placed in the 1 folder.


    As you can see, for the backup on 28/11/2015, all 4 partition backups were recording the same sequence number 17 after the file backup name.

    The following weekend 5/12/2015, I changed the logical partition sizes/or placement of E, F and G partitions but kept them on the same HDD.  AOEMI Backupper gave me an error saying it could not find the partitions E, F and G, even though they were still on the same HDD.  I had to re-enter and re-schedule these weekely backups and the backup file number then went back to the first backup number in a new sequence which is "no number".  Partition C is on my SSD so this partition was not affected and the backup number continued the original sequence, now being 18.

    The following weekend backups 12/12/2015, the file numbers were 19 for C and 1 for E, F and G partitions.

    This then causes a lot of confusion since my backup numbers are no longer consistent.  They should all now be 19 to match up with C.

    If I change the backup numbers manually to the correct sequence for me, AOEMI Backupper ignores my number for the next backup and adds 1 to its own sequence number.

    What I am requesting is a means to input the backup sequence number I want to Backupper so I can maintain a consistent sequence number across all my partition backups.


  • Sorry for the problem.

    You can try to create a new full backup and then delete the old backup and reset the backup schedule.

    Then the number of the new backup schedule can be right.

  • Thank you for your response.  Yes, I know I can reset ALL my sheduled partition backups - remember I said in my first post I have about 8 logical partitions I backup each week and only showed 4 in the screenshot - but that is a bit of a pain since I do change logical partition sizes from time to time.

    I am simply asking for a means to input a sequence number to a scheduled Backupper run as an enhancement to your product in order to set backup numbering to one's choice for consistency and to avoid having to re-schedule all the backups.


  • We feel very sorry about that.

    If you change the size of your partitions the software may can not recongnize it so the backup schedule process may goes wrong.

    And another problem you mentioned is that you setted 8 logical partitions' backup but it only showed 4,may I ask how did you set the backup schedule?

    Did you add all the partitions to the schedule one time or did you set the partition backup schedule for each partition one by one?

  • The weekly backup schedule is set for individual partitions one by one and also for a system backup as I wish to be able to recover the partitions individually, if necessary.


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