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  • Dear AOMEI,

    I stumbled upon your website looking for software that would permit me to backup my "whole computer". 

    My goal is to find software that would accomplish the following:  If my computer would ever be stolen, I would like to go to the computer store, purchase a new computer, including a new computer that is not identical to the computer that was stolen, and then plug in the backup drive that I used to backup my old computer using the backup software that would have essentially cloned a new computer (and by "clone" I mean that the new computer would have all programs, systems, drives, files, passwords - everything from my stolen computer such that my new computer would be identical to my stolen computer) - and when the backup software had finished running, I could then use the new computer just like it was my old computer without my having to do anything more then plugging in the backup drive and clicking the button in the backup software program to "make it so".

    And from all my reading about which backup programs would permit me to do what I'm looking to do, AOMEI has been the most helpful and it seems to have what I want - and the price seems very competitive.

    And then you folks add the incentive to have us send you our comment and you will give us a copy of your program for free??  That's incredibly generous.  Thank you.

    Even if your giveaway has ended or for whatever reason is no longer in place, I would be interested in having you confirm that your backup software can do what I am looking for, as I see I've talked myself into wanting to get your program with this comment.

    Thanks, again.


  • @mburke,

    Thank you for your belief in our product and we have sent you a license for AOMEI Backupper Pro.

    BTW, you are lucky to be the last one to be awarded by this inquery.

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