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    Want to get achance to parade your abilityWant to experience how fun to be a moderator? Look athere guys!!!

    In order to having better development ofour forum, and the best service we could supply for you guys. We announce that nomatter which industry are you in, as long as you know enough about our products.We don’t care thousands of hobbies you have, but you should interested in our products. And you have strongly willing to join us and help us to make our products to be the best. You might the one we are looking forward to and you will get a chance to be one of our forum moderators.

    What you can get from us

            Youcan choose any version of our products as a gift and we will provide you lifetime free upgrades, unlimited supports.

            New product/features testing authority(based on you are willing to test it) and get the new product the first time.

            You can also make a discussion about our products or something related to computer field.

             You can recommend our software that you deem it’s perfect to our users, share your different ideas with others.

            You have chance to become a schemer to participate some activities which need to be held through our forum.

        What we hope you can do

           You don’t have to be always online, just spend one or two quarters on the forum when you have spare time. And you should reply some questions you interested in and within your capability. Cause our support team will allocate time to answer the questions on the forum.

           You should be friendly and carefully to answer kinds of question come up with by our users.

           You have obligation to maintain our forum and make our forum more and more lively.

           We welcome any of your suggestions on optimizing our forum.

        In addition, we are not English native speakers,and we strongly hope you to become our moderator to make our forum more lively.If you are interested in what we said, please send me a private message by click my account, next in my personal home page. Thank you! 

















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