Backup Standard 3.1 with HUGE Windows

I upgraded to the 3.1 version of AOMEI Backup Standard from 2.x (forget which specific 2.x version) and now the Windows are huge with very pixelated graphic buttons.  I tried playing with the compatibility DPI correction in windows but it has no effect.  The version 2.x.x versions didn't have this problem.

Running Windows 10.

Example Screenshot:



  • To clarify, the window and text should be around half the size of what is shown in the screenshot.

  • STILL an issue and no response

  • So 2 years later... Version 4.0.3 now, and this is STILL an issue.  Backups are fine but the super large pixelated windows are ridiculous.  I've had 2 windows 10 fresh re-installs since I first reported this issue, and this is still a problem.

  • What's your screen resolution?

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