Convert HD MBR to GPT without destroying the data on Win7

Hello all.

  I have a 3TB disk where I have cloned a 2TB hard drive under windows 7.
  The OS recognize all of 3 TB of disk by an add-on released by MB manufacturer.(ASrock).
  I have cloned the 2TB disk on 3TB but now i see on 3TB only one partition of 2TB.
  The remaining is not recognized by the limits of the MBR standard.

  Now i'm trying to convert MBR disk to GPT without destroying the data.
  I am currently trying with AOMEI  PARTITION ASSISTANT but the progress is only on 2%.
  At this time is analyzing the volume with the counter on 173649/315648.

  This is the screenshot:


The problem is that the program has been running since TWO DAYS ! And is only on 1% of total progress. ...
Is it normal? Do exist another way? That always works!


What do you recommend me ?



  • Hello Netlix,

    It is unnormal, this conversion will only take a few seconds, you may abort the program and retry. Before you redo, you can try defrag your partitions and run checkdisk command line to fix potential errors.

    Best Regards


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