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backup of encrypted partitions

Aomei backupper doesn`t support encrypted partitions (truecrypt or veracrypt) so far.

Is there any chance to get this functionality?


  • Backup and system restore (Windows BitLocker To Go Windows 8.1)

    1. Download the software WinToUSB

    2. Install Windows 8.1 in the first area of the disk in the external HD. Obs. Create the boot partition and the operating system partition.

    3. Once installed, disable the TPM and encrypt Windows 8.1. You can only encrypt the space being used

    4. Now download Aomei Backupper and Aomei PE Builder, do the installation of the two programs and create a media Aomei PE Builder.

    5. Start the media PE and open the Aomei Backupper.

    6. Click Backup and then partition Backup

    7. Select the boot partition and then the system partition

    8. After adding partitions, go to smart industry and choose Make a backup exact

    9. Ready! Wait patiently!

    10. Now when you need to perform a restore, create the partition layout exactly as is the installed system. Remember to format them and also perform restoration sector by sector

    Tested and restored several times with Windows 8.1 Pro (Portable) installed on a Hitachi HD HTS54550A9E384 and also restored to the HD SAMSUNG HD81GJ.

    All functioning normally !!!!

    I tested an encrypted partition with TrueCrypt. You can restore, but the partition should're not allocated.

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