fail to boot on restore

I have a Dell E6410 and am restoring an image of Windows 10. I merged the old system file and c on the target disk, pointed the backup to the empty partition and installed. Two partitions replaced the merged partiions. The previous first partition system file was assigned 'B', but there is no option for B, so I selected hide. I then went to change the windows partition from D to C, but it was grayed out. First partition is listed as "system" and the following partion (windows) is listed as boot. Before I start mashing different buttons, any suggestion on how to get this tureky to boot. Do I have to mark the 'windows' partition active?

thanks for the forthcoming help...


  • Sorry for the late, what the error message is when you boot from the restored disk after restoring? 

  • Answer not required - I did a clean install of WIndows 10. Wasn't getting to an error message yet - just asking about how to assign drive letter and which partition should be active. I' do have additional questions which I will post seperately.

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