Before I mess up? Bootable USB & Backup to EXT Drive Issues?

First the just created USB Bootable / startup...

I put the image on a new USB thumbdrive...

Can I add other things to this drive?

Or should it remain dedicated to Emergency Boot via USB?


I have a new 1TB external drive...

I want to move 'something' from my 150 GB internal drive? Getting FULL.

What would be something I should move to ext drive?

I am considering PHOTOS of which I have thousands?

Or should I just move old MS OFFICE programs that I rarely use any more.

3rd  Similar to Question One...

If I do a back up of my current 150 GB drive to the 1TB External...

Do I need to pre-create partions?  Will they be auto recreated?

I clearly do not want to block an entire 1TB drive for 150GB?

Creating a CLONE would do that right?  Not what I want?

Thanks for any help.... PRE messing this up.

Happy 2014 !


  • Hello capecod,

    As for your queries, 1. You'd better create a dedicated AOMEI Backupper bootable rescue disc. You are unable to add other software in this disc. To create the bootable disc please refer to this tutorial

    2. You may have to move your files from the 150GB to external drive manually, our software doesn't have a function which support moving programs. 

    3. You don't have to partition external drive again (I suppose it already been partitioned), if you choose the backup feature, like Disk Backup then you can directly save the image to it (the image can be used to restore your data). If you use clone feature to clone the 150GB drive to external, it will overwrite the destination partition and auto recreate partition on the external drive. 

    Wish you all the best for 2014!

    Best Regards,

    AOMEI Support Team

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