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Universal Restore enabled by default on restore?

Hello AOMEI. After performing several 'regular' test restores to the same computer the backup was taken from (using Backupper 2.8) I'm curious if the 'Universal Restore' option actually modifies system registry or other system settings to "clean up" hardware specific config info from the backup image to allow a cleaner boot onto dissimilar hardware...?

If so - I find it strange that 'Universal Restore' option is enabled by default - with no appaernt way to permanently disable it (like something that would persist between restores - in the INI file or something). For users who will most often restore to the same system instead of different hardware, whatever cleanup routines you may be doing are totally unneccesary.

Again - this only really matters if you're modifying something upon restore with this option enabled. And if so, I think you should either disable it by default (unless you have some information that suggests most of your users will most often restore to dissimilar hardware - which I doubt is the case), or provide a way for the user to set the default state for the option.


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  • With universal restore enabled, it only add some drivers in the registry. You don't have to worry about modifying stuff. The next version will automatically disable it when you restore to the same machine.

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