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Praise to AOMEI Backupper and PE Builder and an Issue with fragmented SSD encountered by using BA

Hello Erverybody

First of all i want to thank the AOMEI team for creating such good, versatile and easy to use software like backupper and PE builder !

Then i want to inform you that i had problems to do a (dry run) restore getting a "image is to fragmented" (or similar)


As i found no way to defrag the image i defraged the SSD (19 % fragged), did a new image, used it to restore and everything worked well.

Now my concern (and question) :

If i don't know which percentage of fragementation is acceptable for an image i would have to do a defrag run every time before i do an image to be on the safe side.

The onboard defrag routine of WIN7 is a pain in the neck and beside that, defrags on a regular basis would use up the SSD much faster.

On the other side i am feeling not easy using a backup system which might not work when i really need it.

Can you give me any information which percentage of fragmentation is acceptable for a AOMEI restore ?

Bth : I am using a 500GB SSD with WIN XP and a 400GB HDD with WIN7.

Thank you for your help and again for the good work.

Best Regards


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