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Add option to disable logging

As I found out Data Backupper v2.5 automatically creates a logfile.

I don't want a logfile.

Next verison of Data Backupper should offer an option to disable logfile creation (forever).


  • Hi pstein,

    Log files can help us to the problem when the program doesn't work normally. So it is better to keep the logs. 

    And your suggestion is also considerable. I will forward it to our development team. Thank you very much for your attention to Backupper.

  • I'd like to add my (opposite!) request: for me would be very nice to have a little log file saved together with the ADI image file. 

    This can be important in case an image restoration task fails: I had this issue some weeks ago trying to restore an image using AB v2.2. 

    The image was created with a previous release of AB (maybe 2.0), the only solution was to use an older AB iso to complete the restoration process successfully.

    Please give a chance to this request! This feature could be enabled through a check box on the last page of the Image creation wizard.

    Please give a chance to this request! 

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