Location of backup records

Hi, I've just lost the record of my backups after having run Ccleaner. I.e. the backup files are still on my external USB disk, but 'Home' no longer lists any backups.

Where does Aomei Backupper store the record of backups that have been done?

If these are lost, can they been recreated?

Put another way, how can I now create an incremental backup when my base backup is not listed?

Thanks, David


  • I'd like an answer too. I changed the drive letter for the partition I store backups on and now the program can't find the images.

  • I think I've solved this one.


    I found all folders named 'Aomei' then looked with Recuva.

    In my case I'd just overwritten that file.

    By coincidence, when I then used Aomei 'Explore' to see what was in my last backup, I found the action of Exploring a backup archive recreates tasks.xml. (You don't have to mount it, just open the path).

    You will then see your backups under the Home tab again.

    In my case I had  a base image and differential images. I pointed Explore at the latest differential image.

    I'd like confirmation from an Aomei staff member, and would strongly recommend this be added to documentation as it seems a very good feature.

  • Robinsiebler - your issue is actually different. With Aomei Backupper, click on the task under the Home tab, Advanced, Properties, and you can change the path. (That's from memory).

    A useful trick is to search for a small program that lets you confugure your USB drive (say) so it will always be assigned the same letter (if available) when next plugged in.

    Don't use the next available drive letter- skip a few. 

    You don't want to try editing tasks.xml really.

  • Actually, clicking on Properties does not work. Instead you get a dialog stating that it can't find the file. But I was able to fix it by editing the drive letter for the task in tasks.xml.

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    Hello dalawrie and robin,

    So sorry for replying you this late. If you encounterd such a problem, you can click "Restore" tab button, then click "Path" option to locate the backup file and then open any of the files. After back to the Home screen you will file the backup task has been reloaded. 

    If you have any further qustions please post it here. 

    Best Regards,

    AOMEI Support Team

  • Hi dalawrie.  Thanks very much for your post, as I am using the information 3-1/2 years later!  I did use Ccleaner a while back and it must have also wipe my backup tasks.  I used the AOMEI 'Explore' function, exactly like you explained.  Sure enough the action of exploring the backup(s) restored my backup tasks.  Thanks so much for posting this very helpful tip!!!  No more Ccleaner for me.

  • It doesn't make sense to me to have Backupper record the info about backups on my boot drive because if it fails, I don't see an easy way to recover. Is it possible to specify a location for this info?
  • @dpswbab ; Hi, what does "record the info about backups on my boot drive" mean?
  • Well, backupper obviously needs to keep a record of all the backups, full and incremental, to enable a restore. Does it save this imfo locally on my PC or does it save the record on your servers? If it's on my PC and that drive goes bad, how can you do a restore?
  • The records where the backup is located is really not necessary. You can browse for it's location when doing a restore. You should not be saving a backup image to the drive you're imaging. If you're doing a System image, you would keep that image on another internal drive, an external USB drive or a network share. If your C drive fails, boot into a pre-windows environment with your rescue boot disk. From there, you can browse for your image and perform the restore.
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