what drivers to choose in winpe creation

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under the 'add drivers' tab when creating a winpe disk, i can't locate any documentation explaning about adding drivers, or how to get the right HAL, it did pop up a search window that showed some empty folders in the aomei installation directory that i'm guessing that's where to place the selected drivers, just which ones. all?

 also where could i find documentation on restoring to dissimilar hardware? i hear it can do this but i must have missed it in the help section.



se7en x64 enterprise_sp1

amd platform desktop


  • Hello jinjuju,

    You should download the driver from Internet and then extract it to a proper place. Secondly,
    click "Add Driver" button and go to the directory where the driver was
    extracted to then locate the necessary files (format as .inf). In the directory, you may find there is a folder named as Drivers. If you have several
    drivers, you can add them all at the same time. After that, the program
    will automatically generate the drivers into the WinPE bootable disc. Finally, burn your own custom AOMEI Backupper recovery disc.

    Best Regards,

    AOMEI Support Team

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