Merging 11 TB array to 22 TBs

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How long should this take? An hour, a day, a week? The Progress bar is stuck on 51% for 3 hours now. 


  • Hello phil,

    Welcome to our forum. The running time depends on how much data it needs to analyze and move. Could you please give us a specific description what you were doing, is it possible to take a screenshot of the currently progress and post it here?

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    AOMEI Support Team

  • I am having the same problem, merging 7 TB to 18.19 TB.  My progress bar is also stuck at 51%.  However the 3 dots are still moving and the (Process volume bitmap: 1%) occasionally changes to 0% and then back again.  It has been stuck on 51% for almost 4 WEEKS.


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    Hello scm,

    We are so sorry the inconvenience you encountered. In your situation, we suggest you give us a detailed description of the layout of your disk configuration, so that we can know better and analyze the problem for you in an efficient way.

    As you stated that the dots are still moving, therefore the problem may because of you have too much data. And I wonder if you have ever defrag your partitions before the operation. 

    From the screenshot, I noted that you are extending E drive. If the extending process is using the space after E drive to increase the size of E drive and do not involved moving other partitions, you are able to abort the process without data lose (just applies to the case, like in this case). After you abort the process, you'd better defrag the partition and run chkdsk n: /f (where n replaces drive letter). Then retry extending the partition.

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    AOMEI Support Team 

  • Thank you very much for your response.  We have 2 boxes with arrays of 1TB drives in a RAID 5 configuration.  I was just extending the partition to include the second array.

    What is the best way to abort the process?

  • Sorry, I did not explain it before. You can directly power off the computer.

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    AOMEI Support Team

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