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Missed scheduled incremental backup because backup drive was not connected

edited February 2015 in AOMEI Products Support

As the title says, a scheduled incremental backup was missed because the backup drive was not connected.  Is there a way for me to run the missed incremental backup?

I don't recall seeing an option in the scheduler if this condition occurs.  If it's not currently something that is addressed in the scheduler, it would be a significant improvement (feature request).


  • Tjsepka,

    If you're using the Windows task scheduler, you can open it and tell it to run the scheduled task manually.  If you're not using the Windows scheduler, I believe you should be able to manually run an incremental backup from your saved backup set.

  • I am using the Windows scheduler so I'll give that a shot - thanks.  I'd still like to see it addressed as part of Backupper's scheduler, if possible.

  • Hi guys,

    Backupper has offered that option to run missed backup task.


    When you schedule backup tasks, you can uncheck to use Windows Task Scheduler. Then you can select to run missed backup option.  Backupper will run the tasks by using its own scheduler.

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