By AOMEI / Last Updated July 24, 2020

Can you transfer music from iPhone to computer?

“I just want to enjoy my purchased music on my computer, but I don’t know what I should do. How do I transfer music from iPhone to computer for free? Any kindly advisce will be appreciated.”

3 free ways to transfer music from iPhone to computer

Speaking of transferring music from iPhone to computer with free software, many users may think about iTunes-it’s the official tool. With this software, you can only choose to backup all your library of iPhone (including music) or transfer purchased music from iPhone to computer. And I’ll introduce these two methods in details later.

Now, I would like to introduce you the best software to free transfer of music from iPhone to computer-it’s mBackupper. With this software, all the steps are very easy.

Way 1: Transfer songs from iPhone to computer free with mBackupper (Highly recommended)

This way will make full use of free iPhone transfer mBackupper. It fully supports exporting music from iPhone to computer free in simple steps. Here are features you may want to know:

Widely compatible. Support Windows-based operating system, including Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and all iOS system, even compatible with the latest IOS 13. That’s to say, you transfer songs from iPhone 7, 8, XR, X, 11, etc to Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10.

Multiple formats supported. For example, it can transfer songs with file extension, like mp3, mp4, m4b, wav, wma, rm, etc.

Free and Easy-to-use. This software has clear interface and user-friendly design, so it can be understood easily and quickly, even for beginners.

Fast transfer speed. This software has a very fast transfer speed, even higher than the average speed on the market. For instance, 1000 songs can be transferred in only 9 minutes and 13 seconds.

Music files selectively. Unlike iTunes, you can move music files whether purchased or non-purchased as you like. What’s more, you don’t need to move all library of your iPhone to computer.

Listen to music without restoring it first. With this software, you can directly go to backup path and listen to songs without restoration after transferring songs from iPhone to PC free.

If these features are what you need, you can continue to see below and learn the detailed steps to move music from iPhone to computer free with the best software.

1. Connect your iPhone via USB cable, unlock it and click “Trust This Computer” if you are asked.

2. Download mBackupper, install and launch it.

3. Then, click “Custom Backup” to access the main page of “Backup”.

Custom Backup

4. Uncheck other icons and keep only “Music” icon ticked.

Click Music

5. Preview music files and transfer what you want. Click the “Music” icon to preview the songs and uncheck these you don’t want to, then click Back. If you want to backup all music files, you can skip this step and directly go to the next step.

Select Songs

6. Click the underline next to Path: to select another path. Then, click “Backup” to backup your music files in iPhone and wait until it’s completely transferred.

Note: By default, this software will choose a path for your image. But if you want to backup to other path, you can change it manually by clicking the underline next to Path.

Now, you can go to the backup path and listen to your music with the installed player. If you still want to use iTunes for backup, you can continue to see below.

Way 2: Move purchased music from iPhone to computer free using iTunes transfer

To transfer purchased music from iPhone to computer for free, you need to use “Transfer Purchases from iPhone” feature.

Specific steps to move purchased music:

Open the latest version of iTunes, connect your iPhone, then click “File” at the upper left corner > “Devices” > “Transfer Purchaseds from xxx iPhone” and wait till the transferring process ends. After that, click “Recently Added” at the left side, select the purchased music and click “Download” button at the lower right corner.

Transfer Purchased Music Itunes

Way 3: Backup music from iPhone to computer via iTunes backup

To transfer all music and other data from iPhone to computer with iTunes, you need to make use of the backup feature in Summary. But I have to say that the backup is not accessed and you can only listen to music after restoring the image to another iPhone. Even worse, it will wipe the current data on your iPhone.

Detailed steps to backup music using iTunes:

Just install and launch the latest iTunes version on your computer, connect your iPhone to computer, then click iPhone device icon > ”Summary” > “This computer” >”Back up Now” and wait for the final result. After that, you still need to restore all your library data including music with “Restore Backup” feature.

Backup Using Itunes

In the end

Many users want to transfer music from iPhone to computer free with the best software. But which one is the best one? By comparison, mBackupper is by far the best software.

It not only can download music from iPhone to computer free, but also offer you very fast transfer speed, allows you export music files selectively, listen to music without restoration first. Besides, this software is user friendly and users can use it smoothly.

If you still don’t free transfer of your music, you can download mBackupper and try it.