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How to transfer 4K videos from iPhone to PC?

I have used my iPhone 8 to film some 4K videos. They are brilliant, but also eat much iPhone storage. I would like to export them to my computer. Anyone could tell me the best way to transfer the videos?

High-quality videos bring a good experience. That’s why we want high-resolution videos.

- Question from AOMEI MBackupper

High-quality videos bring a good experience. That’s why we want high-resolution videos.

In the past, you might need very professional equipment to take your own 4K videos but now you just need an iPhone to take 4K videos anytime and anywhere.

How to take 4K videos on iPhone?
To change the resolution of your videos, go to Settings app on iPhone (iPhone 6s or later) > select Camera > select Record Videos. Here you could select take 4K videos at 24, 30, or 60 fps. Now open camera and you would find the icon of 4K on the screen.

When you are enjoying the high resolution of 4K videos, they are taking a lot of iPhone storage. Usually, a 4K video of 5 minutes could take up 1.75GB of space on iPhone. It means your iPhone storage will be full even if you have taken just several 4K videos. To make sure the good performance of your iPhone, you need to export the videos to computer.

In this guide, you will learn more about the 4K videos on your iPhone and how to copy large videos from iPhone to PC in every way.

Section 1. Transfer 4K videos from iPhone to PC (original)

To pursuit the ultimate quality of videos, you must not want to get ordinary videos with low resolution. You need a professional tool to help you export the raw 4K videos on your PC.

AOMEI MBackupper is the best iPhone data transfer to help users transfer data between iPhone and computer. Why professional? It would safely export the videos without changing their quality.

  • Preview and Select: You can preview all the 4K videos on iPhone with the help of AOMEI MBackupper and select as many of them as you want. There is no size or quantity limitation.

  • Widely Compatible: AOMEI MBackupper supports Windows 10/8.1/8/7/SP, iOS 14/13/12, iPhone 12 Pro Max/11/XS/X, and iPad 8/Air 4. Your videos will be always safely transferred.

Step 1. Get AOMEI MBackupper

Download AOMEI MBackupper by simply clicking the button below. Connect your iPhone to computer with a premium USB cable. Sometimes you need to unlock the screen and let iPhone Trust This Computer.

Step 2. Select the Feature

After your iPhone is successfully connected to AOMEI MBackupper, the home screen will automatically prompt up. Select the feature Transfer to Computer at the bottom.

Transfer to Computer

Step 3. Select 4K videos

Click the plus icon in the window to see all the large media files on iPhone. Find and select the 4K videos you want to transfer. Click OK then.

Select Files

Step 4. Transfer 4K videos

Check whether you have added all the 4K videos in the box or still need to add some from iPhone. If everything is ready, click Transfer to get them on PC.


Tips: AOMEI MBackupper could not only be used to export 4K videos but also get videos backup to iPhone. If one day you want to carry your 4K videos on iPhone, use AOMEI MBackupper to easily transfer videos from PC to iPhone.

Section 2. Download 4K videos from iCloud to computer

iCloud makes it possible to easily store iPhone data to the server. When you are shooting 4K videos, turn on iCloud Photos and then would be automatically uploaded to iCloud and makes them available on all of your Apple products.

The shortcoming of using iCloud is that you have only 5GB of free storage. Since 4K videos takes much storage, it might not be enough for you. However, you could still send 4k videos from iPhone and download one or more 4K videos from iCloud.

1. On your iPhone, go to Settings app.

2. Tap the name of your Apple ID.

3. Select iCloud section.

4. Expand Photos.

5. Turn on iCloud Photos.

6. Take a 4K videos.

7. Go to to download 4K videos to computer.

iCloud Site

Bonus Tips: control the size and format of 4k videos

As is mentioned above, a 4K video of 5 minutes could take up 1.75GB of space on iPhone. That’s the video store as an ordinary format like MP4. On iPhone, you could store 4K videos as HEVC files to save half of space while preserving the same quality.

To change the format of your 4K videos, go to Settings app on iPhone > find and select Camera > select Formats > select High Efficiency.

iPhone Camera Format


You could easily take 4K videos on your iPhone but the large size occupies much storage so you need to transfer 4K videos from iPhone to PC to release storage. In this guide, you have known 2 ways to export 4K videos with AOMEI MBackupper and how to change their formats.

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